Vicitri -- so many colors!

Vicitri with cow in Vrindavan, India


I have heard about the beauty and charm of Vrindavan Dhama from the lotus lips of my beloved Gurudeva, nitya-lila om visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja. Meditating on Sri Radha-Krsna with Their associates in Their sacred abode fills the heart with joy and brings all auspiciousness. So come wander in Vraja with me!

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Vrinda Devi

Oil on board, 3"x4", 2007

Vrinda Devi - oil painting on board

Vrinda Devi is the presiding goddess of Vrindavana forest. She knows the languages of all living entities, and her order is never disobeyed by any of the moving or non-moving creatures in her forest. She is in charge of decorating the Radha-Krsna’s private love bowers; all the different plants blossom with fruits and flowers and assume the appropriate color upon her command.  We pray to her for entrance into these kunjas where we will blissfully serve the Divine Couple.

taväraëye devi dhruvam iha murärir viharate 
sadä preyasyeti çrutir api virauté småtir api
iti jïätvä vånde caraëam abhivande tava kåpäà
     kuruñva kñipraà me phalatu nitaräà tarña-viöapé

                                                                Sri Rupa Gosvami, Utkalika-vallari  (3)

O Vrinda-devi, all the Srutis and Smrtis proclaim that Murari eternally roams about your forest of Vrindavana enjoying with His beloved. Knowing this, I pray at your lotus feet. Kindly bless me that the tree of my desires will quickly bear the supreme fruit.



Paurnamasi Devi

Oil on board, 6"x8", 2008

Paurnamasi Devi - oil painting on board

Paurnamasi Devi is the Guru of all the residents of Vrindavan. Everyone accepts her authority and she is always arranging for Radha and Krsna's meetings. She is Krsna's agent who arranges all the pastimes and by her grace we will be brought to Vrindavan.

gūḍhaṁ tat-su-vidagdhatārcita-sakhī-dvāronnayantī tayoḥ
premnā suṣṭhu-vidagdhayor anudinaṁ mānābhisārot-savam
rādhā-mādhavayoḥ sukhāmṛta-rasaṁ yaivopabhuṅkte muhur
goṣṭhe bhavya-vidhāyinīṁ bhagavatīṁ tāṁ paurṇamāsīṁ bhaje

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Śrī Raghunātha dāsa Gosvāmī, Śrī Vraja vilāsa stava (25)


I worship Bhagavati Paurnamasi, who provides for the perpetual auspiciousness of Vraja. With the help of the most expert sakhis, she secretly makes wonderful arrangements for the clever Radha-Madhava’s meetings. Nourishing the Divine Couple’s love-filled quarrels (maana) and nocturnal rendezvous (abhisara) she again and again relishes the ocean of nectar produced from these blissful festivals of love.


Ratna Vedi

Radha-Krishna Sitting on the Jeweled Throne

Oil on board, 12"x12", 2007

Ratna Vedi - Radha Krishna on throne - oil painting on board
 radha-krsna prana mora yugala-kishora

jivane marane gati aro nahi mora

The youthful Divine Couple are my life and soul. In life or death I have no other goal but Them.


Radha-Krishna Dancing in the Kunja

Oil on board, 12"x12", 2007

Radha Krishna dancing in the kunja - dancing in the forest -oil painting on board

   vana-vipina-nikunje divya-divyair vilasaih
niravadhi rasamanau radhika-krsnacandrau
    bhaja sakalam upeksya tavakas sastra-yuktih

                                                Sri Rupa Gosvami, Nikunja Rahasya Stava (31)

 Please ignore the logic of any sastras and worship Sri Sri Radhika-Krsnacandra, who enjoy limitless transcendental pastimes in the forest nikunjas which are overflowing with the nectar of the supreme bliss of Their sweet and secret pastimes.


 Pots of Prema

Krishna Helping Radha Carry Water from the Yamuna

Oil on board, 7"x10.5", 2008 
Pots of Prema - Radha and Krishna carrying pots of water - oil painting on board

Radhika has gone to the Yamuna to bring water. She has refused to meet with Krsna for several days, so trying to win Her favor, He is helping Her carry Her water. But He's so charmed by Her beauty that He cannot even carry the pot correctly and the water is spilling out. Actually, this water is really the prema in Her heart for Him.


Nikunja Seva

Oil on board, 11.5"x14", 2009

sri rupa mañjari kararcita padapadma
gostendra-nandana bhujarpita mastakayah

ha modatah kanaka-gauri padaravinda
samvahanani shanakais tava kim karishye

(Vilapa-Kusumanjali 72, Raghunatha dasa Gosvami)


“When will that day come when Rupa Mañjari will call me and order me to do this seva, when Radha and Krsna are both tired from walking here and there in Vrndavana?” Radhika is more soft, so She is more tired. She has put Her head in Krsna’s lap, and Her feet in the lap of Rupa Mañjari. Krsna is gently massaging Her head. And sometimes with His pitambara He is wiping Srimati Radhika’s face very affectionately. And Rupa Mañjari is massaging Her feet very gently, softly and sweetly.

Nearby Rati Mañjari is standing and fanning with a camara. Rupa Mañjari calls her with her eyes, “Come on, come on. I will give you a remnant of maha maha maha prasadam. You should take these feet and gently massage them. I am going to bring water, very beautiful water because They are thirsty.” Saying this, Rupa Mañjari placed those feet in the hands of Rati Mañjari. “When will I have a chance to serve like this? When will Rupa Mañjari and Rati Mañjari give me this remnant of this maha maha maha prasadam?” This is siddha-rupena, serving Them in one's perfected spiritual body.


Radhika Fainted in Separation

Oil on board, 13"x17", 2009

Radha fainted in separation from Krishna - oil painting on board

This story has been related by Sri Rupa Gosvami in his beautiful poem Hansaduta, "The Swan Messenger." Krsna has gone to Mathura and all the Vrajavasis are suffering without Him. One day at noon Radhika was burning up in separation so She went to the Yamuna with Her sakhis to cool down. On the way She saw a kunja where She had shared amour with Krsna many times. Remembering the pastimes They had enjoyed there gave Her so much pain that She fainted on the spot. Her sakhis were so worried, afraid that She had left Her body. When they saw that She was still breathing, they collected wet lotus leaves from the Yamuna and fanned Her to cool Her down. Lalita went to the river to bring water to revive Radhika, and there she saw a swan approaching her. She spoke to the swan, asking him to act as their messenger and go to Mathura right away to tell Krsna of their plight and to inspire Him to return to Vrindavan without delay. In Krsna's absence, the forest is burning up and the peacock has been crying so much that he has lost his color and turned white. Such is the plight of Vraja after Krsna departed.


Peacock Dance 

Oil on board, 12"x12", 2009

Peacock Dance - Radha and Krishna dancing as peacocks - oil painting on board

Radhika was in maan for many days. She was angry with Krsna and would not speak to Him. So in His desire to attract Her, He transformed into a peacock and started dancing for Her. She was so delighted that She also turned into a peacock, and as the female peacocks are wont to do, She pretended that She was not interested and started walking away. But at the same time She is looking back at Him because She wants to drink His beauty and wants to make sure that He is following Her, and with Her right hand she is pointing to the kunja where They can meet. 

Radhika Embracing a Tamala Tree 

Oil on board, 6"x9", 2010

Radha embracing a tamala tree in separation from Krishna - oil painting on board

Radhika has not met with Krsna for awhile–perhaps He has gone off with another gopi, or perhaps He has gone to Mathura. In the madness of Her love for Him, She sees a dark Tamala tree and genuinely thinks it is Him. She embraces the tree and feels great satisfaction, and Krsna appears within the tree to receive Her embrace. 

Madhava, Save Me! 

Oil on board, 11"x12", 2011

Oh Madhava Save Me - Radha frightened by snake, Krishna watching and waiting for her to jump into his arms - oil painting on board.

Radhika was angry with Krsna for many days. No matter what He did, He could not appease Her. Finally He got a good idea. He sent a big black snake on Her path to scare Her. As soon as She saw that snake hissing at Her, she got terrified and Her pot of milk went flying. Krsna is standing close by, enjoying the scene. And in the next moment Radhika will jump into His arms and cry out, "Madhava, save Me!" And right next to Krsna is the kunja ready and waiting to host Them with a bed of lotus petals that Krsna Himself arranged in advance. Gurudeva says that actually Krsna Himself comes as this snake.

yat kiñcit-tṛṇa-gulma-kīkaṭa-mukhaṁ goṣṭhe samastaṁ hi tat
sarvānandamayaṁ mukuṇḍa-dayitaṁ līlānukūlaṁ param
śāstrair eva muhur muhaḥ sphuṭam idaṁ niṣṭaṅkitaṁ yācñayā
brahmāder api sa-spṛheṇa tad idaṁ sarva mayā vandyate 

Sri Vraja Vilasa Stava (102), Raghunatha dasa Gosvami

I praise the glories of the blissful grass, bushes, creepers, insects, snakes, animals, birds and other creatures of Vraja. All these transcendental beings are very dear to Mukunda because they help in enriching His pastimes and thus increase His pleasure. Their good fortune is coveted by Brahma, Uddhava and others, as is repeatedly and clearly established in Srimad-Bhagavatam. Why does a devotee develop the greed to become a tree in Vraja? Because he hopes that “Krsna will sit on my lap, taste my fruits, dance and play hide and seek on my branches.”    



Watercolor pencils on paper, 5"x7", 2011

Girirani - female form of Giriraja Govardhan -  watercolour pencils on paper

Some people say that Giriraja is Krsna Himself. This is true, but Gurudeva tells that Giriraja is also a female friend of Radhika, because Govardhana provides the settings and witnesses Radha-Krsna's amorous pastimes, and only a female can be present then. So here Govardhana revealed his female form to me one morning. I grabbed my pencils and tried to capture her.

Raghunatha dasa says in his Śrī Govardhana-Vāsa-Prārthanā-Daśakam:

pramada-madana-līlāḥ kandare kandare te
racayati nava-yūnor dvandvam asminn amandam
iti kila kalanārthaṁ lagnakas tad-dvayor me
nija-nikaṭa-nivāsaṁ dehi govardhana! tvam (2)

O Govardhana! Please grant me a dwelling near your side so that I can easily witness and serve the youthful lovers Shri Radha-Krishna as They perform newer and newer secret, amorous lilas within your many caves where They become completely maddened from drinking prema. You are present and making everything possible.

Vamsi Chori Lila

Radha Stealing the Flute

Oil on Canvas, 24"x30", 2012

Radha Stealing Krishna's Flute, Vamsi Chori lila, oil on canvas

Krishna's fast friend is the flute, and the gopis (the cowherd maidens) are envious of the flute because it always gets to drink the nectar of Krishna's lips, which is rightfully their property. When He plays the flute, everyone and everything go absolutely mad--the sound is so beautiful and so bewitching that everyone who hears it stops dead in their tracks and runs to find that flute player. So the gopis never have any peace of mind--that flute melody can come dancing into their ears at any time and pull them out of their houses. So, jokingly, the gopis call the flute their enemy. One ongoing pastime is the gopis stealing the flute. They figure if they can get it away from Krishna, then they can have some peace in their lives. There are many funny stories about them stealing and hiding the flute in their braids or in their skirts, but eventually Krishna always gets His flute back. So this amusing story goes on eternally, always with a new twist. Here is one verse from Srila Rupa Gosvami's Padyavali (Text 245):

nécair nyäsäd atha caraëayor nüpure mükayanté
     dhåtvä dhåtvä kanaka-valayäny utkñipanté bhujante
mudräm akñëoç cakita-cakitaà çaçvad älokayanté
     smitvä smitvä haraté muralém aìkato mädhavasya

[One day Radha told Krsna, “You are the very treasure of My existence, but Your flute has robbed us of all our virtues – our chastity, our religiosity and our observance of social etiquette. Indeed, this murali has ruined our lives. If I ever get the chance I will grab that flute and throw it in the Yamuna and You will never see it again.” Always remembering Radharani’s threat, Krsna would hide the flute under His cloth when He would fall asleep in a kunja. But one time Radha got Her chance.]

She approached Madhava stealthily like a cat, taking care that Her ankle-bells did not tinkle. She slid Her golden bangles up Her arms lest they jangle, and keeping Her eyes on His, in fear that He might wake up, She slyly stole the flute from His lap. 

                                                                                                              Sri Daityari Pandita

And in Vidagdha-madhava Sri Rupa Gosvami describes how Krsna becomes so bewildered by Radha's glance that He unknowingly gives Her His flute when giving Her a package of naga-kesara flowers. Radha says to Herself (4.35): "This is the same flute that causes the gopis' hands to become numbed when they perform their household duties. At nighttime this flute attracts the golden-complexioned gopis, even from their husbands' embraces. This flute loosens the gopis' tight belts, even in the presence of their elders. This rascal flute - the property of the auspiciousness of Gokula (Krsna) - is now under My control!"

Vipralabdha Gopi

(The disappointed heroine who has been stood up)

Crayon on cardboard, 7 1/2"x 10", 2012

disappointed lover, a girl whose sweetheart failed to come, stood up, rejected girlfriend, jilted lover, boyfriend didn't keep their date, crying, sad, anxious, anguished cowherd girl, dispairing gopi maiden

That libertine Krsna had made an appointment with this beautiful Gopi, and He didn't come, so she's crying.

In Ujjvala Nilamani, Rupa Gosvami says: Vipralabdha nayika – a girl whose dear lover fails, because of the hand of destiny, to keep his appointment with her, and who is thus very unhappy at heart. The vipralabdha heroine manifests despair, anxiety, anguish, weeping, fainting and sighing. These are some of the ways she responds to her situation.

Radharani to Visakha: "The moon has now left the sky and returned to the heavenly planets. O friend, this Krsna, the lover of the Goddess of Fortune, has cheated us. What shall we do now? Please instruct us." After speaking these words, doe-eyed Radharani fainted.

Under the Love Tree

Oil on canvas, 8"x12", 2012

under the love tree, the divine loving couple, Radha and Krishna embracing, valentine tree, purple and gold painting, purple sky, orange moon, golden mountain, dancing flowers, hearts galore, prema everywhere, lounging together, sweet love, love tree, love play successful

rati-sukha-samaya-rasalasaya dara-mukulita-nayana-sarojam
nihsaha-nipatita-tanu-lataya madhusudanam udita-manojam
                                                                          Gita-govinda (Song 6, verse 7)

[Radhika is telling Her sakhi:] As I lay like a creeper overcome by exhaustion from the fullness of amorous play, Madhusudana languished in ananga-rasa, His lotus eyes barely open as extravagant amorous desires played rampantly within His mind.

isan-milita-drsti mugdha-vilasat-sitkara-dhara-vasad
santa-stabdha-payodharam bhrsa-parisvangat kurangi-drso
harsotkarsa-vimukta-nihsaha-tanor dhanyo dhayati ananam
                                                                         Gita-govinda (Song 24, verse 15)

Blessed indeed are they who drink the sweetness of the doe-eyed Radha's face rapturous in the aftermath of lovemaking -  eyes only slightly open, lips bathed by the rays of her teeth as She emitted indistinct sweet murmurings combined with continuous sighs, Her body lost in lassitude, Her breasts slightly trembling in Krsna's deep embrace.

atha sahasa supritam suratante sa nitanta-khinnangi
radha jagada sadaram idam anandena govindam
                                                                    Gita-govinda (Song 24, verse 16)

As He idled after passionate love, Radha, secure in Her power over Him, spoke to Govinda, wanting Him to decorate Her.

The Gopis Longing for Krsna

Oil on board, 11"x14", 9.2013

Gopi gita, Srimad Bhagavatam 10.31, Krsna played the flute and called the gopis to meet Him in the forest in the middle of the night. He teased them, asking them why they had come. He told them to go back and serve their husbands and then he disappeared. So the gopis are crying. Deep in the jungle.

ativilanghya te 'nty acyutagatah
gati-vidas tavodgita-mohitah
kitava yositah kas tyajen nisi  (Gopi Gita 16, SB 10.31)

O Acyuta, You cheater! You know why we have come here. You played Your flute, well knowing the path Your song would take. That piercing sound bewildered us and we have come to You in the middle of the night, disregarding our husbands, children, brothers, friends and entire family. Who else but You, You rogue, would abandon innocent maidens like us after bringing us to Your shelter in the dead of night?

Krsna Taking Radha by Surprise
Oil on board, 7 1/2"x9", 12.2013

From Srila Rupa Gosvami's Vidagdha Madhava:
    Radha says (with anger) to Paurnamasi devi : My dear mother, what can I say to you? Krsna is so cruel that He often attacks Me on the road, and if I want to cry out loudly, this boy with the peacock feather on His head immediately covers My mouth so that I cannot cry. And if I want to escape because I am afraid of Him, He will immediately spread His arms to block My path. If I piteously fall down at His feet, then this enemy of the Madhu demon, in an angry mood, bites My lips! Mother, just try to understand My situation, and don't be unnecessarily angry with Me. Instead, please tell Me how I can save Myself from these terrible attacks of Krsna! (Act 2, Text 21)

     Vrinda devi to Lalita: Radhika's footprints in the dust announce to Krsna the direction She had taken. Approaching from behind, Krsna covered Radha's eyes with His trembling hands. (Act 7, Text 37)

From Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati's Vrndavana Mahimamrta (Sataka 6, verse 68):

  Inspired by the nectar of love, Krsna approached Radha from behind and playfully covered Her eyes.  Radha said, "Let go! I know who You are.  You are Lalita."  Krsna laughed.  One gopi friend said, "The hairs on Your body are standing up with excitement.  You know who it is."  Then Radha laughed.  Moving a blossoming-twig fan, another gopi then made a cooling breeze fall upon Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.

Vidagdha Madhava

The Expert Lover
Oil on canvas, 24"x30", 11.2014

Rasa lila, the circle dance, Krishna attracting all the gopis, dancing in the forest, gopis dancing, Krishna the all-attractive principle, there is no woman in all the three worlds who won't be attracted to Him, Krishna plays the flute and the gopis come running, the height of all pleasure, the sky was pink, soft breezes were blowing, frangrance of jasmine filled the air, the moon shone soft rays, no one could resist, Cupid was defeated by Krsna's beauty, Krishna the center of all existence and all beautyf dances around Him for His pleasure, madhurya rasa, the expert lover, irresistible

Sri Krsna is the central pivot of the whole of existence and all beauty dances around Him for His pleasure.

In Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.29.43 Sri Sukadeva Gosvami describes Sri Krsna surrounded by the Vraja gopis:

tabhih sametabhir udara-cestitah
priyeksanotphulla-mukhibhir acyutah
vyarocatainanka ivodubhir vrtah

Among the assembled gopis, the infallible Sri Krsna appeared just like the moon surrounded by stars. He whose activities are so magnanimous made their faces blossom with His affectionate glances, and His broad smiles revealed the effulgence of His jasmine-bud-like teeth.

Sri Narayana Bhatta writes:

rasa-vilasavilolam smarata murarer manoramam rupam
prakrtisu yat pratyayavat pratyekam gopikasu sammilitam

"Meditate on the charming form of Murari enjoying the rasa-lila. He is like the suffix accompanying every verbal root which is like a gopi."

Stealing a Kiss
Oil on board, 12"x17", 2015

Krishna pulling a prank, taking Radha by surpirse, surprise tactics in the woods
From Srila Rupa Gosvami's Hamsaduta (verse 105):
     "If the crest-jewel of the hard-hearted leaves Me, then let Him go -- He is free. But who could endure His coming here to Vrndavana pretending to be part of My dreams and forcibly ravishing me against My will?"

On the Way to the Rasa-mandala
Oil on canvas, 22"x20", 2016

Radha-Krsna going through the forest at night, on the way to Rasa-mandala, Radha-Krsna accompanied by sakhis and manjaris

From Ascarya Rasa Prabandha, by Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati Thakura:

              The Divine Couple Proceeds to Vrindavan to Perform Rasa-lila

    They walk with Their thrill-studded arms about each others' shoulders as Their elegant lotus-stem arms swing gracefully. Sri Radha holds a lotus flower in Her free left hand, and Krsna holds a flute in His free right hand. As They walk in this fashion, the flower garlands hanging from Their necks also swing to and fro. (166)
    They smile brightly as They gaze at each other's moon-like faces. He plays His flute, and Her ears are fully satisfied listening to His melodies. One of Them steals the luster of molten gold, and the other steals the luster of emeralds. In all possible ways, the Divine Couple broadcast an atmosphere that causes utter amazement. (167)
     This pair engages in eternally sweet play in eternally sweet Vrindavan. They are embellished with a host of attributes that are overflowing with suddha-maha-rasa (the purest, most exalted mellow). They travel in the company of Their girlfriends, who play on mrdangas, karatala and stringed vinas as they walk. These sakhis are quite accomplished in the arts of dancing, singing and playing on excellent musical instruments. They are exclusively dedicated to expanding the celebration of Radha and Krsna's divine mellows, and due to being immersed in these wonderful flavors, they are experiencing a tremendously jubilant excitement. (168)
    Following behind in this procession are the maidservants, who are exclusively dedicated to rendering menial services to the Divine Couple and Their girlfriends. The maidservants are carrying small jeweled chests full of various items suitable for the enjoyment of Rasa-Vilasa. As they walk along, they are brimming with a phenomenal measure of exhilaration. (169)

Krsna Begging at Radha's Lotus Feet
Oil on gesso board, 12"x16", 2016

Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi, by Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati:
Text 234

 ekasya rati-caura eva cakitam canya-stanante karam
     dhrtva karsati venunanya-sudrso dhammilla-malli-srajam
dhatte 'nya-bhuja-vallim utpulakitam sanketayaty anyaya
     radhayah padayor luthaty alam amum jane maha-lampatam    

"Well, I know this great debauchee who steals one gopi's heart, places a trembling hand on another gopi's breast, with His flute tugs the jasmine garland in another beautiful-eyed gopi's braids, touches another gopi's joyous blossoming-vine arm, arranges to meet another gopi, and still falls down before Radha's feet."

Krsna is trying to convince Radharani to give up Her mana. Lalita is telling Radha: "Don't speak to Him; don't even look at Him.

Jayadeva Gosvami and Padmavati Devi
(Discovering the verse in his Gita-govinda manuscript completed by Krsna)

Oil on canvas board, 12"x16", 2013
jayadeva and Padmavati astonished to see how Krsna came and wrote the verse in Jayadeva's palm leaf manuscript while Jayadeva was taking bath in the Ganga, smara garala kkandanam mama srirasi mandanam dehi pada pallavam udaram, Gita Govinda

     smara-garala-khaeoanaa mama cirasi maeoanaa
         dehi pada-pallavam udaram
     jvalati mayi darueo madana-kadananalo
         haratu tad-upahita-vikaram

He priye, O My beloved! The delirium of love has mounted on My head. Place the fresh petals of Your enchanting feet there to counteract its poison, and let those feet pacify the harsh fire of amorous desires burning within.”  (Gita-govinda 10.8)

While writing his great classic, Gita-govinda, Sri Jayadeva Gosvami envisioned this verse in his meditation but could not bring himself to write it. In great anxiety the poet pondered, “How can I record such words coming from the mouth of the ultimate Controller of unlimited millions of universes, Sri Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara?” Many times he asked himself, “Should I write such a thing?” And many times he decided, “Yes, I should.” Even though he wanted to do it, he could not bring himself to write this line. Sri Jayadeva knew Sri Krsna to be the Supreme Bhagavan; thus his aisvarya-bhava, the mood of veneration, checked his pen. To settle Sri Jayadeva’s dilemma, one day bhakta-vatsala Bhagavan, who is always affectionate to His devotees, assumed the guise of Sri Jayadeva and came to his house. The Lord took the manuscript and, with His own hand, completed the fourth line of the verse, dehi pada-pallavam udaram, in golden letters. By doing so, Sri Krsna made a resounding announcement, as if beating kettledrums everywhere, to loudly proclaim His love for His devotees.

                                                        Say No More 

(Mahaprabhu with Raya Ramananda at Godavari) 

Oil on board, 12"x12", 2009
Say No More - Ramananda Raya and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in discussion at Godavari - oil painting on board

prabhu kahe, “eho haya, age kaha ara”
raya kahe, “eha va-i buddhi-gati nahi ara”
yeba ‘prema-vilasa-vivarta’ eka haya
taha cuni’ tomara sukha haya, ki na haya
eta bali’ apana-kata geta eka gahila
preme prabhu sva-haste taìra mukha acchadila

(Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya 8.190-192)


“Sriman Mahaprabhu said, ‘Whatever you have said regarding the meetings between Sri Radha and Krsna is all right, but please say something more.’ Sri Raya Ramananda replied, ‘O Lord, my intelligence cannot penetrate further, but there is another stage called prema-vilasa-vivarta. However I do not know such a description will be to Your satisfaction or not.’ Saying this, Sri Ramananda Raya began to sing his own composition, but Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu immediately covered Ramananda's mouth with His lotus hand.”




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