Vicitri reading poem in Badger to Srila BV Narayan Maharaja

A Tear at Your Lotus Feet

O great acarya of our Gaudiya line
O dedicated sadhaka immersed in bhajana
O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

Seeing the fallen westerners showing some glimmer of interest
You open the doors of your heart—mercy flowing fast like the Ganga and softly like the Yamuna comes pouring out, overwhelming all with an astonishing joy. We never heard these sweet things before. Sadhu, sadhu! How wonderful! I want to hear more.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

Dedicated to helping the very fallen, you give your life’s breath and more.
“Come on, come on! Take the holy name. Eat less, sleep less, talk less, chant more.  Don’t worry for your maintenance. Set your goal—anarpita carim cirat. Nitai hey, Gaura hey, Nitai hey, Gaura hey!”

 Srimati Radhika’s palya dasis—We want nothing less. This is the highest, the very highest. I have so many fruits in my basket—who will take, who will take? You can’t imagine what I’m trying to give you, but you are not taking. What? You want me to give you poison? I can never do that. Krsna hey, Radhe hey, Krsna hey, Radhe hey!”

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

 Kartika vrata—every year more wonderful, more exciting. In a rocket-ship of transcendental sound vibration—your hari katha and sweet kirtanas—we burst through the 7 coverings of the the material universe, zoom past Vaikuntha, and enter the very heart of Goloka Vraja—Sri Radha Kunda Herself. This is rupanuga!

 Kartika—Daily describing Krsna’s sweet Vraja lilas to inspire our dry hearts. Vaco vegam, manasa krodha vegam. Tan nama rupa caritadi sukirtananu. Don’t criticize, don’t criticize. Gurau gosthe gosthalayisu sujane bhusura gane. Trnad api sunicena—more humble than grass, offer all respect to others. We must become like the Gosvamis. Give up your desires. Serve the Vaisnavas. All these treasures you have placed in our prema samputa.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

Coming in a line of lions, you also are Prabhupada, fearlessly establishing our siddhantas. Asta kaliya lila does not belong to the sahajiyas—it is our property! Vikriditam vraja-vadhubhir idam ca visnoh—we must hear about Krsna and the gopis. Don’t jump, don’t jump—vaco vegam, manasa krodha vegam. Spreading the truth throughout Vraja—Parakiya rasa, Radha and Krsna were never married; Krsna was born in Gokula, not Mathura—setting the local people straight.

 Srila Sarasvati Thakura asked his father, “Can I publish Gita Govinda?” “Yes, one copy for yourself.” But you, Gurudeva!!! Confidently keeping the pure Gaudiya line alive, so bold that you published Pujari Gosvami’s Gita Govinda and then translated into English, even though no one is qualified. Adi-rasa, srngara-rasa—this is pure love. “You can’t understand what mahabhava is, but still I will tell you something about it.”

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

Looking out for your children’s welfare, you cleverly and fearlessly expose the dangerous crocodiles lurking under the water. Prophetically in 2003 in Germany, you told us, “If there is no bhakti in the Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti, I will leave immediately.” We could not imagine at that time. And when they publicly insulted you, still you were a loving father to them and without a drop of malice in your heart you visited Devananda Math and spoke the confidential beauties of Mahaprabhu’s lila. Always the perfect Vaisnava.


Your ignorant babies mistaking hidden hypocricies for bhakti. Pralambasura entered our midst, stealing away innocent sheep. Forced to banish your dearmost to the forest you wept, “Can you bring him back? Can you help him?” Beware of Vaisnava-aparadha. Do you think you can change Guru’s words? Never.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

Your sudden illness shaking us into reality. Too weak to speak. Twisting our hearts deep. “Take to this process seriously. You must achieve liberation before I leave. Arjuna saw only the eye of the bird. Don’t look here and there. We have come here only for this Braja bhakti. Have no other thought. Give your life to Caitanya Mahaprabhu and quickly go to Goloka Vraja.”


O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear


Apki pyari pyari vicitri  (Vyasa puja 2006)



Drowning in the turbulent waves of bhava-sagara, smashed against the rocks along the shore of mayavada lifetime after lifetime, pulled down again and again in the treacherous whirlpools of stri sanga, no way to get out, no help in sight, lost in the jungle of ‘neti neti’. Then from nowhere, I heard some magical singing, “Munindra vrnda vandite. . .” “O my God! What’s that? Who’s singing? What’s that song? It’s so beautiful. Where’s it coming from?” All of a sudden I found myself in a sheltered harbor, floating in the peaceful lagoon of your blue lotus eyes.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

You pulled me onto solid ground and there I was, face to face with the Moon of Mathura. You smiled and bathed me with the soothing moonrays of your mercy. Your inviting blue eyes reflecting the whole vast Spiritual Sky. Your lustrous golden aura emanating direct from Srimati Radhika’s anga-kanti. Your wirey eyebrows joyfully dancing in harinama sankirtana. Gaura Vani pouring out of every pore of your body. All opulences and siddhis flowing from your fingertips and dancing at your feet. You – the goddess of fortune bestowing the real wealth of Braja-bhakti.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

I looked into those blue eyes and lo and behold! I saw the whole spiritual realm in the sky of those eyes and in the center, in the pupil, was the path to Vrindavan. And on the path I saw Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu with the whole Panca Tattva and thousands and thousands of associates, all joyfully singing the maha mantra and dancing in great bliss, inviting everyone to join them on their Magical Mystery Tour – the straight and narrow path back to Godhead. All this I saw in those blue eyes.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

And then you whispered the diksa mantras in my ear, transmitting the bewitching sound of Krsna’s vamsi directly into my heart, inviting me to enter that most confidential sacred place, the kunjas of Vrndavana, to eternally serve Radha-Krsna Yugala Kishora in great bliss as a beautiful teeny-aged gopi.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

“Gurueva, my heart is like a dense, dark jungle.” “No harm, Bethi, still we will find the path to Vrindavana.”

“Gurudeva, you sent me a test and I failed. I got so angry again.” “Never mind, Bethi. Just get up and keep on going.”

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear

Try to follow my instructions. I want you to be pure, my dear children, and be rid of all ignorance. I want to put you in the fire and then with a hammer, I want to hammer you to make you pure. If you are willing to undergo this, then come to me as a disciple. Otherwise, you should be very, very far away from me.

There is no need of going to any impersonalist university. We should only go to the school of Gaura Kishora dasa Babajé Maharaja and to the university of Haridasa Öhakura. That is enough!  Krishna can give us anything in this world. We have seen Valméki. He had faith in Krishna’s names, and his life was miraculously transformed.

O sweet master of my life
Daily at your lotus feet one tear, one tear


Vyasa Puja 2007

Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . . the shelter of all jivas

Wandering around India for years and years, looking for my guru thru many heartfelt tears. Crying, begging, pleading, “O Jagannathaji, O Govindadeva, O Venkatesvaraji, O Rangaji, O Trivikramaji, O Baradraja ji, O Guruvayorapam, O Radha Ramana, O Radha Damodara, O Tota Gopinatha, do you have a guru for me?” Finally, reply came and I heard your heart talking—“come on, come on, Vicitri, over here. Come this way. Are you looking for a peaceful place to live? Come dwell with me –forever—in the garden of my heart.”


Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . . the shelter of all jivas


The gate was open and, encouraged by your inviting smile and twinkling blue eyes,  I entered that garden of delights. Surrounded by oceans and oceans of gorgeous fragrant flowers, there you were sitting in the Yoga-pitha, perched on the thousand-petaled lotus in the waters of Prema Sarovara, serving your Yugala Kisora. Yes, with that sacred water, the tears of your Svamini spilling out of your heart, you bathed this pathetic, desperate and dried up jiva. “Wander no more, bethi, you are home. Never again will you ever be alone.”


Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . . the shelter of all jivas


That enchanting garden—abounding with untold varieties of dazzling, colorful blossoms and sweet ripe fruits—the air thick with their fragrance. My darling daughter, just look at all the delightful plants, trees, creepers and bushes here. They are all dripping with honey. Upadesamrta, Manah Siksa, Bhakti-tattva-viveka, Bhakti rasamrta sindhu bindu, Venu gita, The Life and teachings of Srila Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami, Raga Vartma Candrika, Jaiva Dharma, Caitanya Caritamrta, Brhad bhagavatamrta, Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura’s Bhagavad Gita, Bhajana Rahasya, Brahma Samhita, Gita Govinda, Catu-sloki Bhagavatam, Bhagavat Ark Marici Mala, Radha Krsna Ganodesa Dipika, Prema Samputa, Camatkara Candrika, Damodarastakam, Rasa-pancadhyayi, Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu, Ujjvala Nilamani, Sankalpa Kalpadruma. Have you ever seen anyplace so wonderful? Partake to your full satisfaction, till you are thoroughly mad, and make your heart one with mine.

Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . . the shelter of all jivas

The airwaves reverberating with the chanting of Krsna’s names and His glories. Gokula—where the gopas and gopis loudly sing Krsna’s pastimes non-stop—Call the cows, untie the calves, bring the milk, churn the yogurt. Hurry up, get out of bed and let’s go play. You lost and I’m going to ride on Your back—You promised. Darling boy, we’ll give You a laddu, can you dance for us?, don’t come here again and take our butter, You little thief. Did You pinch my baby and make her cry? This time we’re going to tell Your mother. Who’s that new girl? Hey, Syama, quickly come to Manmatha-kunja—she’s waiting for you there. What’s this wonderful fragrance coming from this naga-kesara kunja? Watch out, Jatila’s coming! Hey, where’s my flute? Did you take it?  Sakhi, today I don’t want to see anything black. And on and on and on—unending, ever new, ever fresh. Come join me here, my children, and drown in joy forever.

Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . .  the shelter of all jivas

Remember phal-vikreni, the fruit seller from Mathura. She made up her mind that today she would not leave without seeing Krsna. The sadhaka must have that same resolve. “Day and nite I will practice bhakti as Mahaprabhu and Rupa Gosvami instructed. With love I will chant a fixed number of Hari-nama and with my whole energy serve Hari-Guru-Vaisnavas. Every day I will study Srimad-Bhagavatam and our Gosvami granthas. I will not waste a minute. Every day I will recite Gopi gita, Venu Gita, Bhramara Gita. If I meet a rasika Vaisnava, I will dedicate my whole life to serving him. I will visit the places of Radha-Krsna’s secret lilas and piteously pray and recite poems full of longing. Then, by the mercy of sad-guru Sri Yugala Kisora will surely give me Their darsana.” This is the process.

mahat-sangam mahatmyam evaitat paramadbhutam
rtho yena viprasau sadyo 'bhut tat-svarupavat

the effect of a mahat-puruua’s sanga is extremely miraculous and beyond logic, and therefore it can make anything happen.

Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . .  the shelter of all jivas

Now at 87, jumping all over the world—spreading the message of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu—capturing expectant hearts with your dance of prema. Such an astonishing performance—Even the trees and creepers at Radha Kunda and Krsna’s peacock Tandavika watch you with amazement—wow, we’d sure like to learn some of those fancy steps. Wonder how he does that.

Jublilantly dancing as you instruct all sympathetic jivas:

Bolo Krsna, bhajo Krsna, koro Krsna siksa--Chant Krsna’s names, serve and worship Him and follow His teachings.

Krsnera samsara koro chadi anacar
Jive doya, krsna-nama—sarva-dharma-sara.

Carry on your worldly duties but in relation to Krsna. Give up sinful behavior. Show compassion to all fallen souls by loudly chanting Krsna nama—this is the essence of all forms of religion.

Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana. . . .  the shelter of all jivas

Herein lies your happiness.  Vraja jana mana sukhakari radhe syama syama syama!

 Vyasa puja 2008

My Eighth Gosvami

O my 8th Gosvami, sastra says that sri guru is the sum-total of all the demigods, but you are much more that that. You are my Raghunatha däsa, you are my Rupa Gosvami, you are my Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, you are my Bhaktivinoda, you are my Prabhupada—such a legacy you are preparing for us. Who can count the mountain of  treasures you are heaping upon our heads! Revealing such things that most are afraid to even privately utter. You have made “smara garala kandanam mama sirasi mandana dehi pala palavam udaran” a household word.

No less than our other Gosvamis—like Raghunatha dasa you ran away from home. Your whole family went to Navadvipa and demanded that Paramgurudeva return you to them. You went with them, but when your father broke your kanti mala, again you slipped away in the middle of the night, stuffing your bed with pillows so that they would think you were still there. You left beautiful wife, children, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, position. Absolutely fearless, going thru dangerous jungle at nite that no one would enter, wearing only dhoti and chaddar, not even a kurta, with only your harinama-mala, no paisa, chanting all the way, you returned to the feet of the Vaisnavas –this time to stay forever.

You are my Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura—saksad dharhitvena samastra sastrair,

yatraiva gangam anu navi
radham aryhya madhye tu nimagna-naukah

Krsna tells gopis He will cross them over Manasi Ganga with all their yogurt and butter in his broken down old boat. Then halfway across He conjures up a ferocious storm and the boat threatens to capsize. Krsna convinces the gopis that they have to throw everything overboard, even their bangles and earrings. And He gets Radhika so scared that the poor girl jumps in his arms for protection. In this way Krsna tricks Her into embracing Him. Well, kandari, you’re just like Him. You invite all these innocent, desperate people to come in your boat, advertising a safe passage across the bhäva-sagara in the boat of your lotus feet. “Prabhu, come on, come on. Come, baby. Baby, come to papa. Here’s a nice comfortable seat for you. Maiya, please come. I’ll provide  you everything you need—don’t worry.” Then, once your boat is in the middle of the ocean, you start rocking the boat very suddenly and forcefully. Then, as everyone gets frantic, fearing for their lives you just sit there laughing, telling everyone to throw all excess baggage overboard: all attachments—wife, children, home, job—and all anarthas—kama, krodha, lobha, matsarya. Well, what can we do? If we want to come out alive, we’re forced to abandon  everything we have held dear for millions of births and jump into your arms for shelter. saksad dharhitvena samastra sastrair—thus you are my VCT.

You are my Bhaktivinoda giving us vinoda-dhara – the conception of Srila Bhaktivinoda which flows continuously and which cannot be checked by anyone – it is now coming thru you. Vinoda—giving pleasure to Sri Yugala, as in bhaktivinoda, vinoda brahmacari and vinoda manjari. This is our family business. You are establishing around the world Radha Vinoda Bihari—not just that blackish rake Syama, who cavorts with millions of girls. No, not that beautiful Radha Syamasundara that Srila Prabhupada established up the road at Krsna-Balarama Mandira served by Lalita and Visakha. No, Lalita and Visakha are not even allowed in the presence of our Radha-Vinoda  Bihari. We are talking about that Brajendra-nandana who has forgotten all those other girls and is lost in the deepest embrace of His dayitä, who is fully covered with Her anga-kanti, in the height of amorous fulfillment. Radha Vinoda Bihari—when Krsna is anukula nayaka and Radhika is svadhina bhartrka—when Radhika embraces Krsna in such a way that every inch of His body is covered by Hers—the palm of His hand and the back side also at the same time—such an impossible feat--this embrace, complete in every aspect, is Radha Vinoda Bihari—and this is Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Radha cinta nivesana yasya kantir vilopita—Radha is more glowing than ever, decorated with the happiness She feels when She realizes the sweetness of His love, this very moment of rapture you are giving wholesale to the whole world—Radha Vinoda Bihari. Mahaprabhu revealed this Krsna to Raya Ramananda at Godavari and this is the identity of the Supreme Brahma that you are broadcasting to the world—this purest expression of love.

This is the actual message of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. This message you are substantiating for posterity, now dedicating yourself to leaving a great literary legacy to the world. Recently, discussing Madhurya Kadambini, you explained mega-mala (bank of cooling rain clouds) as all the Gosvami granthas. Now a new mega-mala is coming onto the horizon—a garland of books flowing from your fingertips—books that release the cooling refreshing rains of the amorous adi-rasa flowing down from Goloka Vraja to extinguish the fire of material lust in which we have been burning up for millions upon millions of births. Yes, you are my VCT, you are my Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Years ago you told us that Sanatana Gosvami is the sagara, the ocean, of Bhagavat-tattvas—giving the full gamut, while Rupa Gosvami is rasa-kupa—the well of rasa. You are that same rasa-kupa.  You are my Rupa Gosvami.

You are my Madhavendra Puri. Your message—the very essence of SB—that kheer that was enjoyed by Ksira-cora Gopinatha in Remuna and given personally by Him to Madhavendra Puri—that very same kheer—which was then enjoyed by SCM, coming through our Gosvamis, then the 7th Gosvami Bhaktivinoda, still as sweet and intense now coming thru you. This is the nectar—your writings are like honey for the starving ears of the world. They are ever fresh and fully alive—Caitanya—filled with living force of divine love. Your writings are coming in a torrential river. This is the current—the present day flow of bhakti. Can there be any question about where bhakti is flowing, whom she is flowing thru? Who else is writing so prolifically now, so deeply, so siddhantically correct, in line with our previous äcäryas? How can there be any question about your position in our line?

It is your rasika katha alone that is keeping the world afloat—such is your power. That purity of the divine realm—the sound vibration emanating from your divine lotus mouth and now flowing off your fingertips into your sacred writings. It is this vibration that is keeping the world afloat, despite the butchers, the womanizers, the abortionists, the grossly sinful corporate dacoits and big politicians who are exploiting the resources of the world and shamelessly filling their pockets with the people’s hard-earned money—such people are also benefited by your vibration. How else is it that this world is still afloat?

You are the moon of Mathura—with your vibration giving life and rasa to the whole world—illuminating the path to the kunjas, making the kumud, the nite lilly of bhakti bloom.

You are the sun—clearly bringing Gaudiya siddhantas out into the open.


And I am forever your vicitri

Vyasa puja 2009


You touched my heart so deep inside

You touched my heart so deep inside
You found my soul and made it come alive
“Come out, come out, no more shall you hide
Don’t worry – I shall deliver you from indomitable pride.”


You embraced my heart tight from within
With your strong arms and would not release
and invited me to enter rasa-lila to dance and sing
eternally in joy with our Svamini and Her sweetheart.
“You belong here. This is your place.
Why tarry? Don’t delay. Give up all else.
Forget your body and all things related.
Sri Yugala are waiting for you. Can’t you understand?
They are waiting just for you – for that special delightful
seva that no one else can do,
for your special unique flavor of prema
your delightful way of doing things,
making Them laugh, charming Their hearts
with Your very own expressions of love.
Why continue to deny Them – and yourself?
You are Their property so come home, come home.
You belong in the kunja, decorating with flowers,
spreading your fragrance in the air,
Their pleasure not complete without you
so why hold out longer? What taste are you getting here?
Remember Gopa Kumara – how Krsna was so overjoyed
when he finally came to Vraja. Krsna broke thru
the weeping crowd to greet and embrace His long-lost friend.
“O Sridama, look!  Sarupa has come!” What joy! Finally
after millions of births, finally. Krsna ran and embraced him tight
and then fainted on the spot – such was His happiness.


Your kunkuma-coated words wafted into my ear
blown along on the Malayan breeze of your soothing voice.
They burst open the doors of my heart – doors that had been
tightly shut to any scent of bhakti for uncountable eons.
That heart – dark and seething with unmentionable desires
now under the direction of your sweet smile which
heralded in the waters of Panca-veni,
washing away fear, remorse, lamentation and sin
clearing the path for Panca-tattva and the whole kirtana party to enter.
Their joyous singing and dancing immediately filled the dark cavern,
Their roaring sound cracked open the cave’s thick impenetrable walls
allowing in the divine light of Truth, lighting up that ancient dark place
and, lo and behold, it transformed into a fragrant flowering kunja,
filled with the sounds of bees humming, cuckoos and peacocks calling from outside,
Yamuna’s gurgling waters flowing nearby. And
beautiful Yugala Kishora in the center lounging on Their love-couch
languid after rati-keli, fanned and massaged by Their charming kinkoris.
Then one particularly sweet dasi placed a camara in my hand
and gave me a place near Them, beckoning me to begin my seva.


Yes, Beti, you have arrived. You are home. Weep no more.

Vyasa Puja 2011 (Feb. 2)

The Maha-mantra - the Panacea for Every Problem

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare


This mantra is the panacea for every problem for every living being. It is more sure than taxes and death!!! It will take you out of the cycle of birth and death. It will soothe your yearning heart. It is the path to God. It is His living names filled with all His infinite qualities. So dial up and jump aboard. Sign up for our final and eternal destination--that land of unending ever-increasing joy and bliss, pure knowledge of that Absolute Truth--that Krishna is God. He is a person--eternally youthful and charming. He loves to joke. And He's waiting for us to join Him where we belong--in His eternal abode in the Spiritual Sky where there's no death, no old age, no disease, no doubts, no skepticism, no disappointments. We have a loving relationship with Him forever and He's waiting for us to come join Him and increase His pleasure because every living being is unique, with some special qualities that absolutely no one else has, and Krsna is just waiting for us to come and share our unique natures with Him. He created us to give Him pleasure, and that's where our pleasure lies--making Him happy. This is the secret to all success and all pleasure. So find out who this guy Krishna is. He's the all-in-all. He's our master, He's the creator, He's the owner of all, and He just loves to love His devotees. That's what He exists for--to enjoy exchanges of love. So let's wake up, everybody. Forget the blues--it's old hat. Tune in to that place where no one laments, where there's no anxiety, no loss and no decay. No, there in Goloka Vrindavan everything is ever fresh and fun. Everyone is beautiful in every respect. Everyone is just immersed in joy every minute, every second, thinking about Krishna and how to please Him. This is way beyond heaven, and nirvana--forget about that--it's simply fiction. Serving that blue cowherd boy is the highest spiritual perfection, and it is all described in detail in the ancient Vedic scriptures. These are bona fide texts, scientific, and manifest directly from Krishna Himself, to let us know about the beauty of His realm and how to get there. So, forget your troubles, come on get happy

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy,
you better chase all your cares away.
Shout hallejulah c'mon get happy
get ready for the judgement day.

the sun is shinin c'mon get happy,
the lord is waitin to take your hand.
shout hallejulah c'mon get happy,
we're going to the promised land


Get your passport ready--Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
                                                              Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


Yes, I'm mad. Join me in my madness. Nothing is sweeter than the names of God. Nothing is more pure. Nothing is more powerful. They are the abode of all our hopes. They can fulfill our every desire--those deeply hidden desires flowing from the soul.



A Prayer to the Beautiful Blue-throated Lord Siva

O Nila-Kanta, O beautiful blue-throated one! You are so powerful. You swallowed an ocean of poison and received no ill effect. So, Bankhandi Mahadeva, I’m praying to you that you also help me. I am drowning in an ocean of poison—I am so full of anarthas and aparadhas—they seem unending. They never finish and minute by minute attack me, robbing me of my energy. So now I’m praying to you. I’ve heard that you are easily satisfied. You’ve helped so many demons and granted them their boons. I’m not asking for a boon to use against you or against your istadeva Sri Krsna. No, I’m beseeching your help so that I can serve Yugala Kisora. I also want to serve Your istadeva, so you please suck up my ocean of poison. For you this will be a simple feat, I know this. Then Krsna will be pleased with you if you help deliver me to Him, so it is actually within your better interests to help me. Awaiting your kind consideration.



O Harinama, I prayed to Your ekantika bhakta Nila-Kanta, begging him to swallow up my ocean of poison, but he never answered my prayer. So I’ve decided to go straight to the top. I will direct all my entreaties to You alone from now on, O Harinama, so You please hear my request. You danced on the thousand hoods of Kaliya Naga, even he was so filled with deadly poison. You never hesitated or had the least fear to tread there. So why do You refuse to dance on my tongue? Kaliya didn’t even call You; he never asked You to come to him. In fact, he had not the slightest interest in seeing You and he was inimical to those who love You. Still, You gave him Your mercy, and, uninvited, came and danced upon him.
    Am I so much more venomous than Kaliya? Daily I am calling to You but You remain far away. I  know that I am like a mongoloid idiot and cannot even utter Your name properly, my samskara is so low. But I have heard about Your breathtaking beauty and extraordinary sweetness and I am definitely attracted. So, to the best of my meager ability, I am calling Your names and asking You to come and dance on my tongue, just as You danced on Kaliya’s hoods. This an unlikely proposition, I know. It is true that I am full of lethal poisons, but is my venom more noxious than Kaliya’s? Alright, I admit that Kaliya’s hoods were smooth; he could at least provide You a proper stage on which You could easily dance. But in my case, where You will place Your lovely lotus toes I don’t know. The terrain of my tongue is very rough and craggy, with no tender green grass or soft smooth sand anywhere—just sharp stones, jagged rocks, dangerous crevices, deep holes treacherously concealed from sight, and the only growth are briar bushes, spiney bristly shrubs, thorny brambles and ground cover thick with burs. And beyond this, a nasty foul stench, unrecognizable, permeates the whole area. Oh, such a barren, god-forsaken, desolate wasteland this is! No decent person would ever set foot here. This tongue is hard, hard, hard!
    Still, O Harinama, O Aghabhid, I am begging You to come here. You are the master of mystics, the supremely dexterous natavara, and I know that You like a challenge. You are advertised as durghata-ghatana-vidhatri—You can perform the impossible. Your powers are so vast and unlimited that I know that, even in such a ghastly landscape, You will find somewhere to place Your delicate lotus feet. So if You will only come here and in delight dance on my tongue and display Your glories, surely this barren ground will be instantly transformed into a beautiful lush fragrant garden where You will be happy to play with all Your boyfriends and girlfriends.
So, O Harinama, please don’t ignore my plea. I am very needy. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to live in such a god-awful place. I used to like it here, I thought it was a real nice place. But then one day I was riding on the subway in New York City, and some strange-looking people dressed in bed-sheets were walking through the cars chanting Hare Krsna. They gave me a Back to Godhead magazine—right under my mother’s nose. The next time I saw them they gave me some sweet rice and I’ve never been the same since. O Harinama, I became Yours way back then. So what are You waiting for? Come and claim Your property. O Harinama, take pity on this destitute creature. My condition is so pathetic and unlikely that I’m sure it will appeal to Your sense of the bizarre. Please fulfill Your promises—come on my tongue in Your full sweetness, and forever dance, dance, dance.


A Prayer to Gurudeva

He Gurudeva! You are so merciful. You are directly Smt Radhika’s karuna-sakti. If anyone takes one step toward You, you immediately and automatically manifest your Urukrama aspect and take 10 giant steps towards him.
O Narayana Bhagavan, You came and gave Your darsana to Dhruva when he called for you. And he was simply praying for a kingdom. I’m not asking for that. I’m begging You for anyabhilasita sunyam jnana karmadi anavritam, so if You would agree to give Your darsana to someone praying for His material desire, why won’t You satisfy me? 


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