Collages from Copycat Pictures 

Waiting for Krsna

Radha in separation, Waiting in the Kunja for Her lover, the lonely Goddess, why Krishna doesn't come?


Van Vihara

lovers strolling through the wood, wandering together in the forests, Krishna courting Radha


Dancing in the Forest

the dance of love, Rasa lila, in the lover bower, rasa lila

Together in the Forest
the divine couple, tight embrace, enjoying in the forest


Black Krsna
Krishna playing the flute, innocent Radha, the Divine Loving Couple

Strolling Along
Krishna courting Radha in the forest

Private Meeting
the flower bower, Krishna appeasing Radha's anger, Krishna pleading with His sweetheart

Dancing with the Braja Sundaris -

the Beautiful Maidens of Braja
Krishna dancing with the gopis in the forest, dance of joy

Running for Rasa-Lila

gopis running to meet Krishna for rasa-lila, thousands of gopis came running, Krishna in tribhanga form playing the flute

A Tender Moment in the Love Bower

tender moment in the lover bower, nikunja lila, the transcendental lovers in the forest filled with fragrant lotuses

Swinging Sweetly

Sweetly smiling as They swing together in the beautiful forest in a flower arbor

Yugala Murti  

The Divine Couple

Yugala Murti, the divine couple embracing and dancing together in the forest bowers of Vrindavan

Van Vihara

Strolling thru the Forest

Van Vihara, Walking together through the forest, Two lovers strolling arm in arm, fantastic forest, enchanted landscapeugh

A Private Moment in the Peacock Forest

peacock feather trees, Krishna combing Radha's hair, dream landscape, in the forest of Vrindavan, private moment in the forestm

The Golden Embrace

yugala murti, loving embrace, golden landscape, golden lovers,collage


Braiding Her Hair

Deep in the Forest 

Pink with Prema

anuraga, loving embrace in the forest pink with prema, the divine couple embracing deep in the forest

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